Why do we go back to the “familiar”?


So now besides Music Man and I chatting again, another old friend has resurfaced. Funny thing about it is we never had sex or even kissed for that matter but we have fantasized about each other for over 6 years and hung out once. Crazy. We know all about each other too. Our families, lifestyle, business etc. etc. But he and I are both the dominant ones in a relationship. It’s hard for me to step down and hard for him to compromise. I don’t think we could ever work out. So why do we ( or I) go back to the familiar? Is it really easier? Or should I just leave the past in the past and move forward in get out of my comfort zone?

Did I mention how damn sexy these guys are???


Sunday Funday

So today’s Sunday and I wake to the beautiful sun shining on my face, the birds singing an and abundance of sexual energy and no outlet. Toys aren’t my thing. Was I wrong for closing the door on the idea of FWB (Friends with benefits)? I have a very big sexual appetite but I just can’t hop around from guy to guy, not what I’m looking for. Nor do I want to be with a guy that is seeing dozens of women. So what does an attractive, 40 something single woman do with all this energy?

Dance in the bedroom to latin music?


Work out for a bit?


Go to the pool and get a tan?


Have a nice glass of wine and read a book?


All of the above? Yes, please!