Chapter 2. A girls first love is her daddy!


Maria’s dad was in the military and a workaholic. Not sure when his military career ended but it was probably around the same time she was born but little is known about it. Not even Maria’s mother could tell you what he did because it was “Top Secret”. So the only time she got to spend with her dad was at 5am before he left for his 12+ hr workday.

She loved her daddy but rarely ever got to see him. And as she grew up the time became less and less until one day she remembers waving goodbye to him in the driveway as her and her brother and mother drove off to their new home.

On rare occasions she would see her dad, but it wasn’t too often. Even through her teen years she would wait for him outside but something would come up and he wouldn’t show up. Holiday’s were super tough because he would bring her back to where the nightmare begin unbeknownst to him what his baby girl went through. It wasn’t until she was a lot older did he learn of the sexual abuse from his own brother. What kind of sick bastard does this to a small child?

Maria never knew what ever came from all that but she felt like telling everyone what happened when she was little drove her even further away from her dad and his side of the family. Like how can a 8 yr old make up these kind of traumatic events that started when she was 4 years old? Deep down inside she wishes her daddy was here to protect her but he wasn’t. To be honest he was not there for anything, ever. She never knew what it was like to have a “Father Figure” in her life but yet he was her first love.

I guess this is where it all begin, Maria’s need to be loved by a man. Growing up as a teen she was guarded but eventually fell in love in her Sophomore year. This was her first real relationship and it was pretty great the first year. After the years went on, she had a hard time dealing with the challenges of having to grow up so fast and clung to him for dear life. But like most guys at 17 or 18, they weren’t ready for a full-time commitment as a Father or even husband so they soon parted ways. They tried to make it work but things just got out of hand so it ended when Maria turned 19 and gave birth to their daughter.

It was hard for Maria to accept the fact that she was now going to be a single mom. She thought that they would be together forever like some romance novel. He was a great guy, they were just so young and needed to go their own ways and mature a little. So she got her own place eventually and went back and got her G.E.D. She was determined to succeed no matter what life dealt her. And she worked her butt off raising her beautiful little girl, working full-time and going back to school to later graduate and become a teacher.

She did have a lot of fun through her early twenties. Dating some exciting people. Most people either loved her or envied her. She was quite a spitfire. It didn’t matter if you were a famous NBA player or drummer in one of the hottest groups in Motown, she would keep you on your toes. She never let their money or fame get to her head although she was highly sought after the minute she walked in the room. And this is where she learned to use her charm to woo men.

Some would say that she was a promiscuous girl but the truth is she was just seeking the love and attention she did not have growing up. Back then if a man didn’t treat her right he was gone before you could blink your eyes. She was very confident in what she brought to the table. And she had this very athletic sexy little body that men highly desired. And boy did she know it. There really wasn’t a man out there that Maria couldn’t have.



Chapter 1 Making a comeback

One thing about Maria is she always bounces back. She may have been dragged through hell and back more than once in her life but she is resilient! She can be the most loving, thoughtful, positive person you know but don’t ever think for one minute she hasn’t figured you out. The good thing is when she is done with you, she is done. No need for drama or any games. C’est la vie, Adios Amigos, #Boybye

Sometimes people ask her why she is single and her only response is that she is “over qualified”. Not to sound arrogant but she knows what she brings to the table. It may not be material riches or a bomb ass body but trust me when I say she is more than most men can handle anyways. She does have a beautiful soul but doesn’t reveal that to everyone. And it’s not because she was hurt in the past, it’s because not everyone deserves to see that side of her, she’s special. When she loves, she’ll love you 110%.

I’m not even sure people know what that means anymore. Back in the day there was no confusion what men and women ought to do in a relationship or seeking one. As much as she loves to be an entrepreneur, she loves being a homemaker even more. The part of her most men will never experience is her need to comfort and nurture in the home. She loves cooking for her man. woman-kissing-man


Laying out his clothes for him and making sure the house is neat and tidy when he gets there. She cares for herself as well. The majority of the days she is happy and energetic so you will rarely ever hear, “not tonight I have a headache”. On the contrary, most men are tired from a long days work and this little firecracker is ready to explode on an all night F Fest.


If only she could find a guy, or two, that could appreciate her and not try and mold her into something she is not. She would be in heaven. Why don’t guys jump at the chance for a poly relationship these days? It’s so much safer and a lot less drama than dating multitudes of people. There’s no need to keep secrets either because both lovers know about each other and they are secure in what they each get from the relationship too.

I think most people are just blind to this type of relationship these days. Just think of it this way. Maria goes out with Michael on Friday night, has a great dinner, goes back to his house, watches a movie, has mad passionate sex and falls asleep. In the morning she makes breakfast , gets him ready for work and sends him on his way. Saturdays are her day. She runs her errands, goes out with the girls or just stays in and reads a book. Then comes Sunday. Sunday is for fishing and football (if he likes sports). Her other man is much more outdoorsy.


They love hiking into Starved Rock, walking through the waterfalls laughing and playfully giving each other love taps on the ass. Having a picnic lunch as they just sit and talk by the water. Then later on going out for a ride on the bike and finding new places to have sex and explore each others bodies and desires even more. This guy makes her feel like a teenager all over again. Her best friend with benefits more or less. She has the best of both worlds and so do they!

It shouldn’t be that hard to find two men that are willing. Or is it? Maria has had her share of online dating experiences. Some of them great and some of them meh. But with each one she learned something more about herself and what she was looking for. Over the past year she has barely dated. Actually I think she’s only been on two dates. Seems sad but actually she’s just very selective. And has every right to be. Not every guy she meets is going to be open to the idea of being 1 of 2 boyfriends in a semi monogamous relationship either. So she has to carefully calculate when and where she brings up the topic, if at all. So here begins her story.